Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Vacation

I bet every parent feels like this when going on a trip with the little ones in tow. (I feel like this when my wife and I take the kids to the grocery store!) I thought I would show my process from start to finish. It seems like I usually begin with a good idea drawn badly, as you can see from the Post-It sketch. The most important first step is getting the idea down on paper quickly, no matter how rough, cryptic or terrible the drawing is. I then scanned in the drawing and came up with a more refined, but still rough, drawing using Autodesk Sketchbook. I drew some of the elements in different colors to clarify the composition in my mind. Next, I cleaned up (or inked) the drawing in black, also using Sketchbook. Finally, I brought the drawing into Photoshop and colored it with pastel dry brushes.


Cheyenne said...

this is awesome! great inking!

mom said...

Oh...those were the days! You captured the truth so colorfully. Pure genius!